Using Hotvue

Login into the dashboard on the left hand side there is a tab labeled Upload New Video. Click it on the top right hand side click the link labeled Add New Video. The popup label create new video appears. Enter the YouTube video URL from the address bar. Or press the share button and copy the 11 digit alphanumeric ID at the end of the link. Paste it in the proper location. Select category pick an appropriate category hit submit.

Under my Account look for change subscription tab select it, choose a new plan.

Currently there are no options on deleting videos.

Hotvue is a platform for a community of youtuber’s to grow there channel. The more content you watch the higher your content ranks. The higher your content ranks, the more views it gets.

YouTube has a specific set of rules on how views are counted: Generally views are counted from external sources but YouTube algorithms decide that. Views are never instantly updated See attach link.
How views are counted

Generally views are counted from external sources but YouTube algorithms decide that. Views are never instantly updated; subscriptions can be immediately seen updated because they are authenticated with your Google account.

The amount of users who subscribed to your channel.

The total amount of time you watched videos on the platform.

The total amount of time user watched your videos on the platform.

Yes you may change your current plan. However if you’re on the trial plan you will charged the difference for the upgraded plan.

Under the my history tab you can see the name , their channel , time watched and the date.

Yes, depending on your plan you can upload up to 20 videos. They don’t necessary have to be your content. Or content from your primary channel.

At the moment no, In the future there may be an option.

We follow YouTube guidelines. Our views and watchable minute are from our subscribers. No you will not get a strike form you YouTube we are in 100% percent compliance. see ink to Youtube  Views Policy

 Views from external websites according to Youtube are generally counted with a few exceptions:

A lot has changed in the way they count views (starting january 2018)
if youtube videos are played at that view is almost immediately updated while the user is on because they have to check for less variables that makes a view invalid.

In analytics at the bottom there is section:  views  from 'Embedded player on other websites'.  Click here  to see analytics external view count 



when a new video uploaded in youtube is added and it has less more than 300 views, it is frozen at 301 views while youtube decides the percentages and validation and from where that view comes from, if it is inside it happens almost instantly even if a user used one of those services to artificially generate views, but after a short review by youtube validators those views can be taken away or not count at all.

In the case of hotvue, those are embedded youtube videos which are counted, there isn't a rule that prevent those views not to be counted, but since they are not played at, they have to pass some validations at it takes them longer to process them, and that  is up to youtube to acknowledge those views.